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On-Site Massage

On-Site Massage is a form of acupressure massage which is performed seated in a specially developed chair. The massage usually takes about 15-20 minutes and involves stimulating a series of points to relieve tension in the back, neck and shoulders. The client remains fully clothed throughout. Clients typically report feelings of calmness and well-being with increased mental clarity and alertness.

On-Site Massage is gaining in popularity in the workplace as it is quick, easy and convenient to perform. In less time than it takes for a coffee break, the client returns to work feeling refreshed, invigorated and motivated. Many large companies are now using regular On-Site Massage to boost productivity, increase the morale of their workforce and reduce absenteeism.


The benefits of the massage has been demonstrated at many companies including; Microsoft, AT&T, American Airlines and Apple Computer. On-Site Massage has been used to help prevent Work-Related Upper Limb Disorder (or Repetitive Strain Injury - RSI) related problems. Furthermore, On-site massage is also becoming a common sight at many airports to refresh busy executives on the move.


Price of treatment can be paid by the company, by the staff or a mixture of the two. Rates start at £45 an hour.

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